Steam-jacket kettles


Complete automatic batch-cooking system for sauces based on

meat, fish, vegetables or creams.

  • Completely programmable temperature regulation curve
  • Timed cooking or weight-based cooking
  • Ingredients batching by weight
  • User-programmable recipes saved in memory
  • Product agitation by circulation pump or mechanical mixer, with various models of blades
  • Possibility of product cooling inside kettle
  • Possibility for HACCP registration


Hemispheric or cylindrical steam-jacketed cooking kettles built in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, allowing heating by steam, water or other thermal fluids.


  • Italian ISPESL or European PED approved working pressure of 1,5 or 6 bar
  • Cooking temperatures from 110°C to 165°C
  • Static or tilting
  • Kettle heights as requested
  • Optional product drain at bottom, steam intake column, mixer with scraper blades, motorized tilting, fume hood


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