DSA Semiautomatic decager


Semiautomatic crater designed to balance speed and cost. Suitable for most small and medium production lines with round containers such as cans and jars. The worker is assisted by various devices to decrease filling time and reduce fatigue caused by repetitive movements.


  • For containers suitable for push-loading – symmetrical, flat sides, no protruding edges, and medium width-height ratio (tall+thin cans are unstable; flat+wide cans overlap)
  • Up to 2 layers per minute with 1 trained worker
  • For rectangular Layer-in-Divider crates with false bottom
  • Built in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Belt in stainless steel (for glass) or plastic (for metal cans)
  • Adjustable side rails for different can diameters
  • Adjustable gear reducer to vary belt speed
  • Photo-eye to stop the lifter at the precise height
  • Accepts standard-size Panini crates for diameter 1200–1400 static retorts and diameter 1200–1800 rotary retorts
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