Autoclave for impregnation


Panini autoclaves are designed and built to achieve the perfect vacuum impregnation. It is a production process required in prevalence in mechanical, electrical, for the treatment of wood for external, foundries, marble, bricks aerated for the building etc. The treatment allows to the com¬ponents, for various solutions applied, to obtain maximum strength and insulation with long life.
In the mechanical field and for foundries activity the impregnation ensures the isolation of the po¬rosity avoiding any stagnation. In the marble field, granite the application allow to reach the best conditions of impregnation by providing the quali¬ty standards required from the market.
The standard dimensional characteristics and operating parameters foreseen for these solu¬tions are the following:
• Diameter from 1.000 up to 2.600 mm. and over
• Length from 2.000 up to 50.000 mm. and over
Working temperature up to 200°C and over
Working pressure from 1 to 20 bar and over.

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