Automatic Cager


Automatic cager

Conveyer belt for can accumulation, with 2 independent drives sections, inverter for drive speed control, frame in stainless steel with adjustable supports, manually adjustable side guides, belt in acetylic resin at low friction.

Can blocking group, by pneumatic lifter, for can building layer placed on the conveyor belt. Manual height setting to accept different can formats.

Layer pre-forming bar complete with layer forming part, with manually adjustable horizontal setting by handwheel, with pneumatic lifting.

Structural frame in stainless steel with a adjustable tubular supports, with the motorized carriage by horizontal movement. Cogged belt drive, gliding through bearings on metallic guides, gear reducer actuated by inverter.

Push bar for layer placement in cage

Automatic group for layer separator positioning in the cage. Structure in stainless steel positioned on the trolley, keeping by vacuum head with venturimeter, pneumatically auctioned for up/down movement. Layer pads storage complete of metal locator

Motorized transport chain, on two parallel paths, to insert empty cage in the well machine.
Structure in stainless steel with adjustable supports, chains and pinions in C 40 steel, drive gear reducer and cage guides.

Hydraulic platform, placed inside the central transporter, to lift the bottom of the cage at the beginning of the loading cycle and the following lowering steps as each layer is placed. Structure in painted steel with platform covered in stainless steel.

Safety devices, following CE standards, in painted steel built with fixed mesh panels, and access gate, complete with safety sensor, in the layer movement area.

Electrical plant including control panel in stainless steel containing all electrical components and button-boxes placed in the worker’s area. Low-voltage secondary circuits, flame-resistant wiring in inspectionable stainless steel raceways. Siemens PLC for system control.

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